Saturday, 3 January 2015

HELLO, 2015

I welcomed 2015 amongst friends and family, and I couldn't ask for a better way to begin an already exciting year. Generally, I never make a resolution, but this year I thought why the heck not. So here's a few things I have resolved to do in the new year:

1. Get more sleep (strugglin' a little on that one).
2. Take a pottery class.
3. Grow out my bangs (slowly getting there).
4. Wear more skirts/dresses (because I could wear them nearly everyday).
5. Go on more adventures.
6. Travel (done - see ya soon Europe). 
7. Start jotting down thoughts - little and big. 

Most importantly though, 8. Be a better person, every single day. Just remember:

'There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.' - C.S. Lewis

So I'm off to a pretty good start (I think) - let's just hope these stick. 

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