Friday, 10 October 2014


1. This hand-made copper kettle by Yumi Nakamura.
2. From Could You Ever Live Without?, a poetry anthology by David Jones. 
3. These Fin Studs made with care by Hannah Ferrara (@anotherfeather).
4. Kenko Kitchen's simple Vanilla Matcha Protein Shake
5. Artwork by Clare Elsaesser
6. Snowy mountains, just because I didn't see them this winter. 
7. Stanislava Pinchuk (also known as Miso @m_i_s_o_) currently only does home-made tattoos for friends. BE MY FRIEND, please.  
8. On Pinterest, Alfredo Salvatori/Raw by Piero Lissoni. 
9. Need Supply Co. Foreign Exchange 2014

It has been a long, busy week. So, here is Friday Favourites, on a Saturday (sorry guys)! Have a great weekend. 

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