Friday, 10 October 2014


1. This hand-made copper kettle by Yumi Nakamura.
2. From Could You Ever Live Without?, a poetry anthology by David Jones. 
3. These Fin Studs made with care by Hannah Ferrara (@anotherfeather).
4. Kenko Kitchen's simple Vanilla Matcha Protein Shake
5. Artwork by Clare Elsaesser
6. Snowy mountains, just because I didn't see them this winter. 
7. Stanislava Pinchuk (also known as Miso @m_i_s_o_) currently only does home-made tattoos for friends. BE MY FRIEND, please.  
8. On Pinterest, Alfredo Salvatori/Raw by Piero Lissoni. 
9. Need Supply Co. Foreign Exchange 2014

It has been a long, busy week. So, here is Friday Favourites, on a Saturday (sorry guys)! Have a great weekend. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014


I was super excited to be involved in a shoot for Stephanie Cassano's (@steffcassano) final school garment inspired by the sea; particularly, Australian beaches. The colour palette and textures of the fabrics mimic the natural Australian landscape. As Glenda Millard puts it, the garment 'reminded me of the sea; the way she came dancing towards you, wild and beautiful'.

A quick shoot in the morning - before a storm rolled in - at two of Australia's most iconic beaches, Torquay Surf Beach and Jan Juc, was perfect. With the help of model, Elle Murphy (@ellemurphh), we were able to capture the beauty of the garment. I loved the easiness and casual nature of the shoot, which allowed us to connect with the surrounding landscape - beginning on shore, and then moving into the water, where we stood being hit by rough waves. But hey, it was all part of the experience.

Designer: Stephanie Cassano
Model: Elle Murphy 
Photography: Olivia Cassano


1. Beth Kirby's (Local Milk) renovated kitchen is a vision, thanks to Jersey Ice Cream Co..  
2. This Envelope No. 2 clutch in Natural by Woodlark is on my must-have list for Spring/Summer.  
3. Cereal Magazine making me dream of Porto, and all things Portugal. Have a look at this beautiful ice-cream coloured city here
4. Words by Ernest Hemingway providing me with my weekly thoughts. 
5. One word: Dreamy. By: Elisabeth Heirer
6. Another item on my must-have list for Spring/Summer - Dieppa Restrepo's Antelope Cali Oxford
7. Super excited to receive my copy of Sunday Suppers upcoming cookbook for my gathering in support of its release. Exciting things to come.
8. The simplicity of this
9. There's just something about kitchens this week. Check out the subtle detailing here

So this is the first Friday of October, and my first ever Friday Favourites. Can you believe we are already in October? This year has flown by! I'm super busy with school, and everything else in between, and am just looking forward to the much needed Summer break (it couldn't come soon enough)! 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Ben Howard — "I Forget Where We Were - Spotify Session"

♫ listen here


Christophe Lemaire has demonstrated a woman that is determined and intrepid. There is a simplicity and calmness of Lemaire's designs, colour palettes and fabrics - poplin, chambray, linen and twill. However, there is a dramatic presence through the volume, shape and silhouettes of the garments. Although these designs are simple, they scream confidence. The way that the garments fall and cascade is quiet, yet, loud. So little says so much. Oh, and that oversized, glorious trench coat, and belted grey dress. Perfect. Clearly, he considers comfort (every womens's dream).