Friday, 19 September 2014


Recently, I stumbled upon Elizabeth Suzann, a label who cut and sew all their garments in their amazing Nashville design studio. Founded in 2013, by self-taught designer Elizabeth Suzann, the label produces utilitarian, beautiful and simple staples using the highest quality fabric. Their designs are practical, yet elegant. And, better yet, they're durable and perfect for all seasons. Of course, I have already purchased myself this and this last week. Since each garment is produced to order in their studio, they may take a bit longer than some other online orders; however, I am sure the wait is worth it. Already, I am eyeing off other garments from their collections for this Spring/Summer in Melbourne. As a firm believer in quality over quantity, I already know that many Elizabeth Suzann garments will find a generous place in my wardrobe. 

Source: Elizabeth Suzann

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